Our Story...

Virgel Technology AB is founded by three entrepreneurs with a love to the good product.

This is our fundamental belief and our passion. With this in mind we select the products to design and market.

The story of the company Virgel Technology began with the urge to find products to supply to the both Swedish but also the Scandinavian market. Driving force was the joy of entrepreneurial satisfaction, as common in many up and striving new companies.

During the research and selection of possible products, a new insight grew and became stuck.

Why selecting and providing other than the very best of products in all respects?

For sure business can be made with all sorts of products, but why choose anything than what is good for yourself, the environment and future generations to come?

This led us to define the "Good Product". A product including all our key features.

  • Technological height coupled with innovative elements.

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Pro health for the end consumer in mind.

With over 50 years of experience within the management of the company we believed that we could offer the best of breeding ground for the ideas, designs or products that satisfied our key features.

We have experience from both design, manufacture, marketing and sales. This ensures giving the end product the attention and focus it deserves and requires. All the products that we select have been through our selection board assuring that they are fully compatible with the key features of the "Good Product".